Get the list of key skills needed to earn a 20-23 on the ACT

Thank you for helping your child master the key ACT College and Career Standards to earn a 20 starting today!

Laura, founder Link Private Tutoring

Even if your child thinks they are a bad test-taker or lost a lot of learning the past year, start with this list of key skills to master.

Here’s how to use the list...

✅ Print the list out and sit down with your child. Give them a highlighter.

✅ Ask your child to highlight only five items for each test (English/Math/Reading/Science) where they feel they need help.

✅ Now, this is going to sound crazy, but go into the YOUTUBE search bar and type in ACT [test name here] [skill here]. Example: ACT Math percentages. Watch some videos focused on just the key skills your child has targeted.

✅ Watch multiple experts teach the same skill. Take notes!

✅ Visit for free, downloadable ACT practice tests. Depending on the time you have before your next test, take one test a week or one every two weeks.

✅ Continue highlighting five skills and learning them, then practicing them until your TIMED practice test scores are consistently at a 21 in each subject.

✅ Why it’s NOT your fault if you haven't broken a 20 – and what you can do starting today to raise your score! Meet Laura Link, founder of Link Private Tutoring and certified teacher... Laura Link is a test preparation professional and has helped thousands of students raise their ACT scores 3, 6, and even 10 points. She has helped students earn more than $3 Million in total scholarships. For the past 13 years Laura Link has been helping college-bound high schoolers unlock mysteries of the ACT and SAT tests, achieve scores that earn them merit money and acceptance into their chosen universities and create a life they’re truly excited about. If you haven't been preparing using a targeted approach that focuses on key tested skills, this essential list of those skills will help you move that score in the right direction. It is yours free. Just enter your email below, and you will receive a link to download the free list.

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    Free Consultation - If you would prefer to work with an experienced test prep professional to determine which skills your child needs to work on, and who will teach those skills as well as strategies directly, I'd love to talk with you. Just click the link below to book a free consultation.

    We work with real, released practice tests to ensure your practice matches the test you will take. In a 1.5 hour session, you will learn The Link Method to approaching each test type, passage type, and item type. Then you will practice your new skills by completing a timed passage. Next, we go over each item, reviewing why the right answer is right, and why any wrong answers you may have chosen or struggled with are wrong. You will gain an intimate understanding of the nuances of the test. Because the test is standardized, you will be able to apply this knowledge to other form codes including the one that counts! Lessons are targeted specifically to what you need to know to raise your score and reach your goal.


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